Our Highly Recommended DApps on the ThunderCore Hub! | September — 2021 Edition

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4 min readSep 28, 2021

This article covers 5 DApps on ThunderCore Hub that we recommend you check out — during September 2021!

On ThunderCore, we realize that a lot of DApps have their own method of incentivizing users to continue using their applications by providing tokens, dividends, contests, and giveaways! Here are recommended DApps on the ThunderCore Hub (at the moment):

1. Ram Protocol

Ram Protocol is one a one of a kind DApp on ThunderCore. Capitalizing on ThunderCore’s fast and extremely low gas fees, Ram Protocol is the first lending platform built on the ThunderCore blockchain. Ram Protocol is similiar to AAVE — which is a lending platform on Ethereum. Anyone can supply their tokens to receive a stable APY/APR on their lent assets. However, in addition to the interest given out, you get rewarded RAM tokens to reward your supplied/borrowed asset.

By lending your assets on Ram Protool, you can earn passive interest on TT20 assets and you can also mine RAM tokens by borrowing and lending assets, get involved today!

Supplying and Borrowing on Ram Protocol allows you to:

  • Mine Ram Tokens (Supply & Borrow)
  • Earn interest on your supplied Assets (Supply Only)

Ram Protocol also has an IFO (Initial Farm Offering) which allows projects to launch their tokens and reach users on the ThunderCore blockchain; we’ll be covering the benefits of an IFO in another article, stay tuned!.

While this is by no means financial advice, we recommend everyone to do your own research and at the same time we recommend you to check out Ram Protocol!

2. TTSwap

TTSwap is a must go to DApp on ThunderCore! It’s a decentralized exchange built after the model Automated Market-Making (AMM) inspired by Uniswap. Decentralized exchanges (DEX) are very common for trading cryptocurrencies. With TTSwap you get to easily trade your tokens on the ThunderCore Blockchain. At the moment, there are 3 DEXes on ThunderCore including TTSwap, Acorn Finance, EggDex. However, TTSwap gives you access to experience one of the best DEX aggregators on ThunderCore! TTSwap is also integrated into the ThunderCore Hub, switch over to the TTSwap tab on the ThunderCore Hub to swap between TT20 tokens easily.

On TTSwap, you can:

  • Trade TT20 tokens
  • Earn liquidity provider fees

At the moment TTSwap has 19 listed trading pairs check out TTSwap

Note: Trading on decentralized exchanges may face price slippage depending on various factors such as the size of your transaction, liquidity pool, and the simultaneous amount of transactions for your trading pair.

3. TT Guess

TT Guess is a fairly new DApp on ThunderCore. As a gambling dapp, TT Guess allows anyone to place bets using their TT in hopes of winning the bet. Regardless of whether you win the bet or not, you receive Guess tokens for all your bets. You then use your Guess tokens to buy lottery tickets, or stake your Guess tokens to earn dividends.

Check out TTGuess!

Note: Guess tokens are also available on TTSwap.

4. Zippy

Zippy is also a Gambling / Betting game on ThunderCore. Quite similar to TTGuess, you receive DICEZ tokens as a reward for every bet you make (regardless of whether you win or lose). You can then freeze your DICEZ and receive dividends daily. Awesome!

Check out Zippy!

5. Serious Dice

Last, but not least, Serious Dice is definitely one of our recommended DApps to check out on the ThunderCore Hub. Serious Dice has been on the ThunderCore Hub for a very long time now.

Serious Dice has a lot of different games that are part of it including:

  • Dice with tokens
  • Dice II
  • Careful
  • Farming

Check out Serious Dice!

We do not endorse gambling, thus we recommend everyone to do your own research before any DApp. Which one is your favorite DApp? Let us know on Twitter!

Here’s why I recommend you to get involved in ThunderCore and its DApps!

If you’re a developer, we’d highly recommend developing DApps on ThunderCore. With the right project and right marketing strategies, your project can easily become a successful project on ThunderCore. If you’d like to develop on ThunderCore, check out their Developers Portal for more info.

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