Interviewing a DEV — Featuring TT Guess!

Interview with TT Guess’ team:

1. Could you briefly introduce your team and your DApp TT Guess?

2. What was your inspiration for developing TT Guess?

3. Why did you choose to develop your DApp TT Guess on the ThunderCore blockchain?

4. What makes TT Guess unique or stand out compared to other Gambling DApps on ThunderCore?

5. What’s the most difficult experience that you’ve had with developing TT Guess? And how did you solve it?

6. TT Guess is a very successful and popular DApp on ThunderCore, what was your secret strategy to success?

7. Would you recommend developers to develop DApps on ThunderCore? And why?

8. Are you planning to develop any other DApps?

9. I noticed that you also released your own TT20 token — Guess Token and had a trading competition recently in collaboration with ThunderCore. What’s the utility of Guess Tokens?

TT Guess Twitter Event — Super Lottery

10. What are the future plans for TT Guess? Are there any new upcoming features planned?



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